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By Tommy & Lori Garcia
Sussan Garcia

usy's death was torture for me, tho hardly a surprise.

Susy was born "Susan Christina Garcia" on August 25, 1958 at 9:16pm.

In 1962, she had been abandoned into the bizarre environment of the Peace Mission Movement to be raised by a dark complected woman known as Cola, a fairly disinterested caretaker. Certainly not a loving, caring, guiding force.

We were kept apart from 1962 thru 1964. The first time we saw each other she was brought to Woodmont to attend a banquet. We were permitted to say "Peace" to one another, nothing more. All those years, all the way until 1968, those were the only spoken words we exchanged.

In 1968 when I made contact with Pop, I called Susy where she lived at 1430 Broad Street, in downtown Philadelphia. I asked if she wanted to return to California with me. She said no. I told here if she ever changed her mind I would get her. I gave her Pop's telephone number in California and told her to call collect.

In 1976 Susy got a job at a doctor's office. The doctor was a follower of Father Divine's. Susy began to sample the sample drugs. Mother Divine called one day and said "Susy is no longer welcome here". Just like that.

When we picked Susy up at the airport, it was a very strange experience. She didnt know Pop, believe or understand that he was our dad. She believed that Father Divine was 'God' since that had been inculcated into her from age three to seventeen. She mistrusted me and pretty much regarded me with disdain. After all, I had been called Master Tommy and lived at the Estate being treated like a charmed prince, while she lived at one of the movements communal extensions.

She met her husband Max Shapiro thru a friend of mine. Max had quite the lifestyle ... having the dubious distinction of being Elvis Presley's West Coast Dentist. Despite being some 40 years her senior, they were married January 11, 1977 at the Palm Springs home of Elvis Presley. Elvis and Ginger Alden were the witnesses. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Larry Geller.

Susy lived in Max's world of celebrity.

She remained emotionally imprisoned by the movement's brainwashing.

Geraldo Rivera did an investigative story on Elvis' doctors. It exposed Max for furnishing drugs to Elvis as well as many musicians and celebrities. As a result, Max lost his license to practice dentistry and eventually pretty much lost everything. When Max died, Susy was left with nothing.

Susy wanted her independance. She turned down the invitation to stay with me. Instead she went to live in North Hollywood with one of the sleazy men she met thru Max.

On February 5, 1993 Susy went for a walk to a local convenience store. It was at this time she was savagely and viciously sexually assaulted and murdered.

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