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Tommy’s voice:


Feb 4 2015 

My message today is the one that Father & Mother Divine instilled in me in 1962:  Treat everyone with dignity and respect no matter what race, creed, color, religion or station in life. Take care of the elderly and be a voice for those who do not have one.  This is exactly how I’ve lived my life, and I lead by example.


History repeats itself - no leader speaks of their plan for our future regarding race relations.

Here is part of my plan.

1.   Pre-school for all children!  Public or Private.
Instruct them what some parents do not, or perhaps can not. Teach that the color of a persons skin, or hair, or eyes, does not reflect the character. Teach responsibility.
Educating children when they are young provides a good core – this can lead to making good decisions. 

2.   Bring product manufacturing back home to the U.S. and create more jobs. The companies ought to be inspired to establish training facilities, be it immediate or delayed tax relief.

3.   Amend the laws incarcerating too many young black men for ‘small crimes’ like a marijuana arrest - Require them to learn a trade and/or work in a factory as part of their rehabilitation.  Teach responsibility.

4.   Absolute 100% transparency for ALL churches and religious organizations. No one should be able to hide behind walls creating their own world and perpetrating crimes on others, by using the name of God

5.   Even out the playing field in movies, TV, music and all media outlets to integrate races.

6.   Eliminate or dismantle the 1% club to prevent them dictating that Non- Caucasians dislike and fight with one another – this simply creates a society of unrest.

7.   Politicians & law enforcement should be chosen or elected by the demographics of the area where they work. Black communities would do better with a majority of black officers, Asian communities majority Asian officers and so on.

8.   I believe there should be political term limits. Our forefathers spoke of giving service then getting out. No one should make a career out of politics and become millionaires.  

9.   What does it say about our democratic political process when two families can run the white house for more than 20 years? 

10. We must change the bickering of the politicians elected by us to represent us. Both parties must work together to further our lives.

11. Julius Caeser said: Divide and Conquer.  What can happen if we are a country divided?


I have always been idealistic.  I believe these can be obtained in my life time.  We must start now!

Father & Mother Divine – my Father who virtually adopted me looks down at me from heaven above as I do my best to fulfill my destiny –and that is to help others.


Peace & God Bless America


Tommy Garcia



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